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Will My Gloves Melt In The Dishwasher?!

If you’ve ever looked down at your latex-laden hands after dunking dirty dishes and wondered “Can I just chuck these in the wash too?” – we’ve got you. Let’s settle this dishwashing glove debate once and for all!

What are Heavy Duty Latex Gloves?

Heavy-duty latex gloves are thicker, more durable rubber gloves designed for heavy cleaning. They are typically made from natural latex rubber. The heavy-duty construction makes them more resistant to tears or punctures from sharp objects.

Heavy-duty latex gloves provide entire hand and wrist coverage to protect the skin during long cleaning sessions. Their thickness and rubber grip also make it easier to handle slippery objects.

Why Would Gloves Melt in the Dishwasher?

When running a cycle, dishwashers generate significant internal heat that helps blast away dried-on food and grease.

Most home dishwasher cycles get up to 140-150°F on the internal thermometer. High heat sanitizing cycles may exceed 160°F.

Latex rubber begins to soften and melt at temperatures above 180°F. So it is possible for hot dishwasher temperatures to start deforming latex gloves.

Do Heavy-Duty Latex Gloves Melt in the Dishwasher?

So, can you actually toss your gloves into the dishwasher without fear of them melting away into a rubbery puddle?

The good news is, that most heavy-duty latex gloves are heat-resistant enough to withstand normal dishwasher temperatures. Quality latex gloves designed for dishwashing contain additives and vulcanization that make them more stable in hot water. They can typically handle up to 200°F before melting.

Unless you are using a specialty sanitizing cycle that exceeds 180°F, heavy-duty latex dishwashing gloves will not melt in the dishwasher.

However, the high heat can still degrade the latex over time, causing gloves to become prone to cracking and tears. Avoid ultra-hot sanitize settings when washing latex gloves.

What About Other Materials Like Nitrile?

For those with latex allergies, nitrile is a popular alternative glove material. Nitrile has higher heat resistance than natural rubber.

High-quality nitrile gloves are generally safe to run through the dishwasher on normal cycles. However, they may become brittle and degrade faster compared to latex.

The Best Approach to Wash Your Dishwashing Gloves

To maximize the life of your dishwashing gloves:

  • Stick to normal or light dishwasher cycles – avoid heavy-duty sanitizing settings.
  • Remove gloves before the heated drying cycle. Allow gloves to air dry instead.
  • Replace gloves frequently to prevent small cracks from growing over time.
  • Consider a glove bag or mesh lingerie bag to contain gloves in the dishwasher.

With proper care, you can safely reuse quality latex or nitrile gloves multiple times in the dishwasher. But remember to frequently wash your bare hands before and after wearing gloves!

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