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Where to Store Away Dishwashing Gloves: The Surprising Storage Spots You Haven’t Considered

Dishwashing gloves serve a humble yet heroic purpose in our daily lives. Slipping on these suds-stopping shields transforms dirty sink duty from a dreaded chore into a satisfying, squeaky-clean experience. But when the dishes are sparkling and it’s time to shed those gloves, confusion sets in. Where exactly should you put dishwashing gloves between uses?

Proper glove storage is vital to keep these water-warding warriors in top shape. Improper storage can shorten their lifespan and even breed bacteria! Join me as I scrub the depths of the kitchen in search of the best dishwashing glove storage solutions. You may be surprised by some unusual spots beyond the obvious. Let’s unravel the mysteries of glove placement and keep those hands happily high and dry.

The Obvious Suspects: Traditional Glove Storage Spaces

When wondering where to deposit dirty gloves post-scrub, your mind likely jumps to these common spots:

Hanging from the Faucet

This convenient location allows gloves to drip dry while keeping them visible and accessible for next time. However, leaving them dangling can stretch out the cuffs over time. Gloves may also get knocked into the sink and contaminated.

Tossed on the Counter

Another quick and easy option is laying gloves flat on the counter to air dry. But this “glovey sprawl” monopolizes precious prep space. It also leaves them vulnerable to food splatters and dirt.

Thrown in a Drawer

Stashing gloves in a random kitchen drawer keeps them contained but out of sight. Of course, tossing them in with cooking utensils and other clutter is less than sanitary. Drawer moisture and lack of airflow also prevent proper drying.

Hung on a Hook

Hooks, pegs, or clips allow gloves to hang freely while drying fully. This organized approach prevents stretching and contamination. But hooks placed near sinks or cabinets may still accumulate unwanted splashes.

While these traditional spots check the convenience box, they each have downsides. Let’s explore some creative and unexpected solutions that optimize both access and proper care.

Thinking Inside the Box: Clever Contained Glove Storage

Containers keep gloves corralled while allowing ventilation for drying. Get creative with these crafty glove boxes:

Repurposed Tea Tins

Vintage tea tins make charming little glove homes. Let gloves drape freely inside, safe from drips and splatters. The lid keeps them dust-free between scrubbings. Just be sure to thoroughly dry the gloves before sealing shut.

Mason Jar Lids

Lids from wide-mouth pint-sized mason jars allow neat hanging storage. Poke holes in the rim, loop glove cuffs through, then screw on to cabinet undersides or shelving. This keeps gloves visible and handy without hogging space.

Shower Caddies

Bathroom shower caddies mounted inside cabinets corral gloves without clutter. The open wire or mesh material allows airflow. Drained water collects neatly in the bottom tray away from gloves. An unexpected but effective storage solution!

Hanging Shoe Bags

Clear plastic hanging shoe bags become instant glove lockers. Store a pair in each pouch. The see-through material lets gloves breathe while also displaying them. Mount inside low cabinets or on the back of doors.

Elevating Your Storage: Hang Them High and Dry

Harnessing vertical space gets gloves up and away from contamination while encouraging drying. Get hooked on these tips:

Command Hooks

Adhesive command hooks allow quick DIY installation of hanging storage anywhere – cabinets, walls, shelving, you name it. Group hooks evenly for a custom glove hanger. Command hooks were also removed cleanly without damaging surfaces.

Rubbermaid Wire Shelves

Mesh wire storage racks offer economical space to hang multiple pairs of gloves upright. Position over countertops, in cabinets, or mount on walls. The open weave promotes air circulation so no musty gloves!

Over the Sink

Installing cup hooks, dowel rods, or wire shelves above the sink keeps gloves accessible but separated from the splash zone. Elevating them away from moist surfaces prevents mildew and wrinkles too.

Underside of Upper Cabinets

Use cup hooks secured to the underside of wall cabinets to hang gloves discreetly off the counter when not in use. The elevation and open space allow optimal airflow.

Unexpected & Hidden Spots: Getting Sneaky with Glove Storage

Tucked-away storage areas protect gloves while freeing up prime real estate:

Inside Cabinet Doors

Use adhesive hooks inside cabinet doors to neatly hang gloves – they’ll be hidden away when closed. Or mount mesh hanging baskets on the door interior for 360 ventilation. Opening and closing keep air circulating.

Inside Dishwasher

It seems odd, but storing gloves inside your empty dishwasher lets them dry effectively between uses. Bonus – It’s easily accessible when gearing up to wash dishes! Just be sure to remove gloves before running an actual cycle.

Under the Sink

Install shelves designed for under-sink use to store gloves concealed but within reach. Some slide out on tracks for easy access. Just ensure the area stays ventilated and moisture-free.

Unused Drawers

Revive an unused kitchen drawer by lining it with a towel and then using it solely for clean glove storage. The darkness discourages mildew growth. Just be sure to fully dry gloves before stashing.

Creative Hacks: Repurposing Common Items for Glove Storage

Everyday household objects can morph into handy glove organizers with a little creativity:

Salad Spinner

A salad spinner’s bowl creates a perfect glove basin. The open weave strainer section allows airflow while containing gloves. Spinning post-wash gets rid of excess moisture.

Collapsible bins

Pop-up laundry or storage bins stow gloves neatly when not in use. They fold flat for compact storage and then expand when holding gloves. Use mesh-sided bins for ventilation.


Use a crockpot liner or metal insert to contain clean gloves. The stoneware transfers moisture away while keeping gloves visible.

Napkin Holders

Metal or acrylic napkin holders conveniently corral rolled-up gloves. See-through versions allow monitoring for dampness. Just be sure to fully dry your gloves before rolling up.

Don’t stop at pragmatic purchased organizers – repurposing household staples minimizes costs and waste. Your glove storage is only limited by your imagination!

Location, Location, Location: Optimal Glove Storage Spots

Where you place your storage solutions can make or break their effectiveness. Use these tips when siting glove organizers:

  • Install near the sink within easy reach for dish duty.
  • Position above and away from the counter area and water source.
  • Allow ample airflow and ventilation to prevent moisture buildup.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight to avoid UV damage.
  • Place at adult height to deter curious kids.
  • Avoid contact with abrasive or dirty surfaces that could snag or tear gloves over time.
  • Mount open storage off the floor and high enough to avoid contaminating splashes.
  • If encased storage, choose smooth, non-porous interior surfaces for easy cleaning.
  • Consider humidity levels and avoid placing gloves near heat and steam sources.

Choosing wisely when considering placement optimizes storage function and glove longevity. They’ll be primed for duty every time!

Store Those Gloves with Love!

I’ll admit that at first glance, dishwashing glove storage seems pretty straightforward. Toss them on the counter or stuff them in a drawer, right? But taking time to deliberately choose storage spots optimized for accessibility, ventilation, and care can extend the lifetime of your gloves tenfold.

Proper storage helps hardworking gloves dry fully between uses, preventing damage from moisture, mildew, and other contaminants. And custom solutions keep gloves handy for dish duty, without monopolizing precious kitchen real estate.

Look beyond boring old drawers and get creative by hanging, stashing, and elevating your gloves in unexpected ways. They deserve special treatment after all those hours plunged into sinkwater!

Next time you peel off those suds-stopping shields after an epic dish session, take a moment to neatly store them in a glove-loving spot. With the right location and care, you’ll avoid the wrinkled, torn fate of so many gloves gone before their time. Just a little attention helps this humble kitchen workhorse deliver countless more washes. Say goodbye to disorderly glovey sprawl and store those gloves with care!

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