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Creative Techniques for Hanging Dishwashing Gloves


If you’re tired of tossing dirty, dripping dishwashing gloves onto the counter after tackling piles of dishes, only to have them slide onto the floor later, you need a better glove-hanging solution.

In this guide, we’ll explore techniques to hang wet gloves for effective drying, storage, and display. You’ll learn about optimal placement factors, DIY and purchased hanger options, accommodating multiple users, preventing messes, and safety considerations.

With the right tools and strategies, you can finally banish gloves plopping onto the floor and keep your kitchen much tidier. Let’s get organized!

Prime Locations for Hanging Gloves

Near the Sink

When deciding where to install your new glove-hanging set up, keep these key factors in mind:

You’ll want to hang gloves very near the sink for convenience since that’s where you remove them after washing dishes. Having to walk across the kitchen with gloved hands dripping everywhere defeats the purpose! Under-cabinet installations right next to the sink are ideal.

Away from Heat Sources

Avoid hanging gloves directly above heat sources like dishwashers or stoves – the warmth will speed drying and degrade the glove materials faster.

At User Height

Make sure to hang gloves at a comfortable height, around 60 inches off the floor, for easy access. Don’t use overhead cabinet spots that are tough to see and reach.

Not in Walkways

And pick locations away from busy walkways or doors to prevent accidentally clothes-lining unsuspecting roommates!

Creative Hanging Solutions

Removable Adhesive Hooks

Once you’ve scoped out the perfect spot, there are many clever hanger options to securely hold your gloves in place, whether temporary or permanent.

Removable adhesive hooks work wonderfully for rental homes or short-term needs – just stick them on cabinets right by the sink.

Towel Bars

For more permanent utility, install swinging towel bars below cabinets to conveniently tuck gloves over.

Magnetic Strips or Bars

If you want sturdier long-term holders, affix magnetic strips or stainless steel bars along your chosen spot to hang gloves. The magnets will keep even sopping wet gloves firmly attached and prevent drops.

Wall-Mounted Wooden Pegs

For a touch of rustic flair, mount rounded wooden pegs to your wall using screws. Spacing multiple pegs allows hanging several pairs simultaneously.

Over-the-Door Storage

If you have spare room on the back of a door near your sink, use over-the-door storage racks or canvas holders to hang gloves for drying.

PVC Pipe Racks

Or get creative with an industrial chic look by securing cut pieces of PVC pipe horizontally along the wall to slide gloves onto.

With the right gear, you can say goodbye to glove spills on the floor forever! But in a multi-person household, you need to accommodate sharing.

For Multiple Users

Labeled Hooks

When several people share dishwashing duties, a good hanging solution should allow neat storage for multiple glove pairs.

Labeled hooks for each person keep gloves separate.

Hanger Rod with Dividers

For more flexibility, install a hanger rod with removable dividers to assign spaces.

Magnetic Locker Boards

Magnetic locker-style boards are perfect for multiple roommates to each claim a spot.

Colored Bands

Or use colored bands on gloves to identify each person’s pairs.

Named Gloves

Printing names right on the gloves works too! Just grab a permanent marker and label it away.

A little structure prevents the inevitable glove mix-ups when sharing dishwashing tasks. But functional needn’t mean boring…

Stylish Storage Options

Glove-Shaped Hooks

While the main goal is keeping gloves off the floor, you have stylish options to turn your hanger into decorative art:

For whimsical flair, install cast metal or carved wood hooks shaped like gloves! Hang your gloves right on their object doppelganger.

Glass Globe Light Fixtures

Inserting gloves upside down into spare glass globe light fixtures creates interesting magnified shapes. The glass amplifies their wet sagging form.

Chain Link Hangers

Connect real metal chain links across your wall for an industrial chic way to securely dangle multiple gloves.

Jute Rope Coils

Coiling gloves into a wall-mounted jute rope hanger creates a neat nautical element. The rope coils keep gloves contained.

Wood Ladder Storage

Adhering a small wooden ladder horizontally provides both farmhouse style and handy multi-rung storage.

With the right accessory, your gloves become a conversation piece rather than an eyesore!

Preventing Drips and Leaks

Shake Excess Water Off

However, if you choose to integrate glove hanging, take measures to contain any annoying drips:

Always shake off excess water before hanging up gloves. You can also blot with a towel to absorb more moisture.

Hang Gloves Palm Down

Hang gloves palm-side down so gravity draws liquid into the glove fingers rather than dripping onto the floor.

Use Hydrophobic Coatings

Coat hooks with a hydrophobic sealant to repel water for smoother runoff.

Place Dripping Trays Underneath

Place trays or buckets underneath hanging spots to catch leaks from especially sopping gloves.

Hang Over Sink

Consider hanging very wet gloves over the sink or outside if feasible to contain the puddles.

With some planning, you can outsmart glove moisture and its pesky messes. But safety should stay top of mind.

Maintaining Proper Hanging Safety

Secure to Studs

While cooking up your perfect glove-hanging plan, be sure to prioritize safe installation and positioning:

Secure hooks firmly into wall studs whenever possible, and use heavy-duty wall anchors for masonry surfaces. Test weight capacity before loading up gloves.

Keep Out of Walkways

Hang gloves completely out of doorways or heavy traffic zones to prevent painful pokes from passersby.

Install at User Height

Install hooks at comfortable heights for all users, around 60 inches up, based on your household members.

Check Hooks Regularly

Periodically check hooks for looseness, say each month, to identify any need for re-securing before an accident happens.

With smart placement choices and secure mounting, you can build headache-free hanging.


Tired of dishwashing gloves constantly slipping onto the floor into dirty puddles? With the right positioning, hardware, and techniques, you can create the perfect home for drying and storing gloves.

Use this guide to pick optimal sink-side spots, install creative durable hangers, accommodate multiple users, add stylish flair, control drips, and prioritize safety.

Follow these tips to finally stop playing that gross game of glove fetch after doing dishes! May your kitchen floors stay clean and dry forevermore.

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