Best Work Gloves For Electricians Reviews 2022

We all know how tedious and tiring it gets to have a job that requires your hands. In the same way, gloves are always not enough to keep you safe from cuts, abrasion or any other each work may pose for you. To help you get the best gloves for electricians we did some research on different types of gloves available in the market which will be suitable for people who need extra protection while doing an electrical job. Here is our list:

Top Picks for Best Work Gloves For Electricians


 Southwire GLOVE1L, ELECTRICIANS WORK GLOVES are high dexterity electrician gloves with Anti-slip fingertips. Features a specially wrapped index finger and high dexterity for long life. They’re Breathable Spandex back for comfortable fit and feel. Unique padded palm and Anti-slip fingertip material provide slip resistance when pulling wire. Comfortable and durable! Wrapped index finger for durability! Material is Spandex! Size is One Size(Pack of 2)! Brand is Southwire! Color is Multicoloured! Item Dimensions LxWxH are 7 x 9.25 x 0.5 inches!

You can use your fingers to quickly swipe between apps or zoom into photos, so everything feels fluid and natural on this larger display. With just one hand, you can easily reach content at the top of the screen without adjusting your grip or switching hands. You won’t find another device like it on the market today. It’s not just an amazing product but also an incredible experience you can have every day of your life .

  • This glove is specially made for the people who need high dexterity.
  • The Anti-slip material with padded palm gives you the best comfort and feel of safety while you are working.
  • Spandex might not be so good when you want to wash these gloves.

2) ECHODONE 12KV Electrical Insulated Gloves Rubber

 These 12KV rubber insulated gloves are made from the highest quality materials and will protect your hands while working with electricity. They’re also great for using in any situation where you need to keep your hands safe, like construction or carpentry work.

You can use these gloves without worrying about getting shocked because they have excellent insulation properties that allow them to handle up to 12,000 volts of electricity! The material is also resistant to oil and chemicals so it won’t wear out easily either. It even has an anti-slip grip design on the palms so you don’t lose control over tools or equipment. Size is One Size Fits Most! Item Dimensions are 7 x 6.25 x 1 inches!

There are a wide variety of electrical insulation gloves out there, but not all of them can stand up to the ECHODONE 12KV Electrical Insulated Gloves Rubber’s high voltage shock protection. Make sure you’re wearing a pair that won’t fail you when it counts with these gloves! Technical Details: – Designed to Operate in 12,000 volts (8/20uS)  – Anti-Slip Grip on Palm for Maximum Control  – Coated For Chemical and Oil Protection  – Spandex Back With Knit Wrist Keeps Hands Cool And Comfortable When Working For Long Periods of Time  – Cuff Length For Maximum Arm Protection  – 50 Pair Minimum Order so You Can Always Keep a Spare Pair Around

  • Electrically insulated gloves are perfect when you work near electrical appliances.
  • These gloves can handle up to 12,000 volts of electricity which makes them reliable.
  • Spandex is not waterproof. So, it is advisable not let the gloves get wet after washing them.

3) Magid Glove & Safety 60611PS-10 12″ High Voltage Leather Protector Gloves

 Are you looking for a pair of gloves that will protect your hands from shocks and burns? Look no further than the Magid Glove & Safety 60611PS-10 12″ High Voltage Leather Protector Gloves! These leather gloves are made to be used in conjunction with rubber electrical insulating gloves. They provide superior protection against electric shock, arc flash, heat, and flame. The outer shell is made out of premium quality cowhide leather while the inner lining is made out of Kevlar® aramid fiber thread. This product comes in tan color only.

You can use these high voltage protector gloves on any job site where there’s a risk of an electrical accident or injury due to contact with live wires or other sources of electricity such as welding equipment or generators. If you want to make sure that your hands stay safe at all times then this product is perfect for you! It’s also great if you need something durable enough to last through long hours on the job site but comfortable enough so that it doesn’t interfere with your ability to do your work well. 

  • These gloves are extremely durable because they are made from top-quality cowhide leather and Kevlar® aramid fiber thread.
  • It is not machine washable.
  • You can only clean these gloves by wiping them with a dry cloth or brushing them off with a soft brush.

4) Class 0 High Voltage Insulated Electrical Gloves 

ShuangAn Class 0 High Voltage Insulated Electrical Gloves are the perfect choice. They’re made with rubber and provide protection up to voltage 1,000V AC/1,500V DC. These gloves are initially tested and stamped on the glove with test date; they also have an operation for Linesman, Electricians, Utility Construction, House Inspection. And best of all – these gloves provide 8-11 Size with 11” in Black with nice box!

Insulating gloves provide elasticity and comfort with Black natural rubber.  It has a perfect hand feeling and can protect you from electric shock. And it is suitable for lineman, electrician and professional who work with high voltage electricity.

ShuangAn Class 0 High Voltage Insulated Electrical Gloves are made of rubber material which provide protection up to 1000 volts AC and 1500 volts DC! The gloves tested on their thickness before release. ShuangAn Electric Gloves are color-coded green for the natural rubber insulation class 0, the highest level of electrical insulation available in non conductive PVC gloves (green).

These gloves have passed the 1,000 volt AC/1,500 volt DC insulating safety requirements as well as its impact strength rating. These Class 0 High Voltage Insulated Electrical Gloves offer superior quality and flexibility at an economical price.

  • This product provides 1,000 volts of protection which means it’s perfect for any job site where there is a risk of electric shock or other accidents due to contact with electrical equipment.
  • It’s also easy to put on and remove because the gloves are made from stretchable material.
  • These glove tend to run small so you might need to order a bigger size than usual.

5)Klein Tools Journeyman Leather Utility Gloves

These leather utility gloves are durable and comfortable. They’re made with premium full-grain cowhide leather that is double stitched at the seams to provide extra strength and durability. The open cuff makes them easy to put on and take off, while the elasticized wrist provides a snug fit.


You can use your hands in comfort all day long without worrying about these gloves falling apart or tearing up your skin. With their superior grip, they’ll keep you safe from cuts, scrapes, or other injuries when working around sharp objects like knives or nails – even if it means holding onto something hot! And because they come in four different sizes (small through extra large), there’s sure to be one perfect for you. 

Klein Journeyman Leather Utility Gloves are made from high quality cowhide leather that provides maximum comfort and protection.

These gloves have a superior grip, it is perfect where you need to grab hot or sharp objects and will keep your hands safe from scrapes, cuts, etc. These all-purpose gloves come in four sizes (small through extra large) so that there is one perfect for you. Klein Tools has three types of gloves which use the different material: cowhide leather with cotton lining, cowhide leather with thinsulate lining & full natural rubber dipped.

  • You can wear these utility gloves all day without them chafing your skin or causing any discomfort because’re very soft and flexible.
  • They also provide a good grip and protection from sharp objects so you won’t cut or injure yourself when working on your tasks.
  • Stitching around the seams is poor quality and falls apart

Things to consider before buying Work Gloves For Electricians

Material and Construction

The first thing you have to check is the material of a particular glove. Vinyl is cheaper than leather but is not as durable or insulating. You should go with natural rubber dipped gloves because that what most professionals use these days – they’re flexible, provide good protection, and are reasonably priced. Another popular option for electricians is towels which may be used on extremely hot surfaces like chimneys or engine parts. However, most people won’t recommend this type of glove because it’s easy to burn yourself when using it incorrectly. So avoid the low-cost towel/fabric gloves unless you know exactly how to use them properly.

Fit and Size

Being able to use your tools safely is crucial when working on electrical tasks so it’s important that you make sure the gloves fit properly – not too tight but not too loose either. Use a tape measure or ruler to determine which size fits you best based on the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer if there is one. And remember, all fingers should move freely in your gloves so don’t choose a pair that’s too small for you because it will be uncomfortable and restrict your movement.


The most important thing is finding out how durable a particular glove is before buying it. Does it provide adequate protection from sharp objects, heat, cold, or electricity? Some of the tasks that electricians perform with their hands are very dangerous so it’s important to take this into consideration before buying. And if you need to buy several pairs of gloves for your coworkers, make sure there will be enough money left over for the work gloves after adding up all their costs.


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